Carillion crisis: Suppliers fear 'domino effect' of collapse

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May: Some private sector Carillion workers will keep being paid

Still at PMQs, Jeremy Corbyn asks Theresa May to guarantee that no more money is handed to the chief executive and directors of Carillion, at a time when 8,000 workers on its private sector contracts face not being paid.

The prime minister replies that some of those Carillion staff, who work on private sector contracts, will keep being paid.

May says:

There are a number of facility management contractors who have come to an agreement with the official receiver which means their workers will continue to be paid.

The official receiver is doing their job and working with these companies.

On the bonuses, May says that the ‘fast-track’ investigation launched by the Receiver will investigate whether there was any misconduct by Carillion’s top executive.

She also denies that it was the government’s job to ensure that Carillion was properly managed -- it was a customer, not the manager. And the government was right not to bail out a private company.

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